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Hi! We are SIENN – an international softwarehouse. We specialize ourselves in development and implementation of software products for companies mainly from Europe, and the United States. We are a group of enthusiasts – engineers whose passion is to create useful IT solutions.

Job Details

We are SIENN Living Online Technology! Let’s grow together!
Do you want to become a part of something new? We are looking for software enthusiasts, who are open to new challenges and new technologies. If you want to work in international team and have fun – join us!


Project description:

It is an application in the SaaS model used to support resource management processes. The main functionalities are resource/project planning, generating reports, filling in schedules. The application is based on AWS and is actively used in production.

Your role in the project

  • You will take part in a domain modeling session where you will be introduced to the business goal for new functionalities.
  • You will have an active role in the discussion about features and transforming business objectives into technical solutions.
  • You will be responsible for your piece of code from requirement analysis, through implementation, testing, and deployment (with proper monitoring).

You are an ideal candidate if you have

  • good knowledge of Node.js . You need to be able to design and implement whole functionalities from scratch as well as change parts of the existing codebase. In-depth experience in different Node.js libraries and frameworks is a big plus.
  • knowledge of ECMA 8 (7,6). As this is a core skill you need to have a very good understanding (and hands-on experience) of JavaScript (used in the backend) with emphasis on ECMA 8 features (e.g async/await although you should be able to work with older parts of the system which use e.g. callbacks or generators).
  • Event-Driven Design. We use events more and more as this is the foundation of Node.js. You need to understand a concept of the system driven by events, know its benefits as well as drawbacks. Experience in designing similar systems is a big plus.
  • ability to create queries MongoDB (using Mongoose middleware or directly) is a key skill. You need to also know how to model data to use a document-oriented database efficiently.
  • knowledge (especially with hands-on experience) about MongoDB architecture and configuration (including replication, sharding) is a big plus. NOTE: if you have extensive experience in other NoSql database (e.g. Cassandra, CouchDB) and want to learn MongoDB, you are also considered a good candidate.
  • experience in designing REST API
  • WebSockets – As we use webSockets protocol in our systems, you need to know implementation details ( as well as general consequences of using webSockets.
  • strong analytical skills

Extra points for

  • experience with tools/libraries for documenting API (e.g. Swagger).
  • experience in leading modeling sessions
  • experience in debugging webSockets

We offer

  • Using modern tools and technologies
  • Working agile (Agile / Scrum)
  • International training and certification (we are Golden Partner of Microsoft)
  • Constant personal growth (additional leave for trainings, conferences)
  • Attractive conditions of employment (contract of employment or B2B)
  • Medical package and Multisport card,
  • Great atmosphere at workplace and fun after hours!

Currently we are working fully remotely.

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