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We are an international company specializing in the development and implementation of software products. Our services are open to companies mainly from Europe (including Poland), and the United States.

We are a group of enthusiasts – engineers whose passion is to create useful IT solutions.

Our values

International team

We work from many locations but always as a one team. Our everyday work is based on respect, cooperation, communication and openness.

Team work

We make sure that the atmosphere in the company is based on openness and mutual goodwill. Our office is not the only place we spend time together: integration trips, outings and sporting events are our thing!

Good place to work

Besides sales locations we have three expert offices: Wroclaw and Opole in Poland and Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Our work environment is on top positions with chill room, foosball, the best coffee and many more… Come to visit us!

Our values


We are the best in our specialities. Constant personal development, knowledge sharing, meetups, books is a part of our DNA.


SIENN is paying attention to every detail. We approach individually to every project, we listen, analyse and work together with Customer so your work really matter.

Team work

We believe that working together is essential to create something extraordinary.

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